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  3. 【Minobu Town, Yamanashi /1-night 】 Washi paper making & Kakurinbo temple stay experience

【Minobu Town, Yamanashi /1-night 】 Washi paper making &
Kakurinbo temple stay experience


Experience 800 years of history

Minobu is a town with a history of Buddhism
from more than 800 years ago
In this tour, we will take you to places away
from the usual sightseeing spots and let you experience more
local side of Minobu


DestinationMinobu Town, Yamanashi Prefecture
Period2days and 1 night
Point・Stay at a historic temple
・Unique cultural experiences
・Traditional Japanese meals
Fee43,000~(tax included)


RECEPTION】The Place of Beginning

Your journey begins at the Guest House Ebisuya, a 90-year-old house
that has been restored to its former glory
Please spend a relaxing time in the local way of life and the historical architectural technique


Check Point

・Traditional Building
・Cultural Assets
・Relaxation time

【DescriptionThis tour will start from the Guest House Ebisuya.
You will be briefed about the area in the relaxing air surrounded by mountains.

【ACCOMMODATION】Stay at a Temple

There are 20 Shukubo still operating in the area
In this tour, you can stay at “Kakurinbo” which was built in 1499


Check Point

・Historical building
・Traditional experience
・Vegetarian meal
・Relaxation Space

【Experience・Tea ceremony experience
・Inkstone digging*1
・Sutra copying experience
*1: Making charcoal for calligraphy

EXPERIENCE】Traditional Cultural Experience

Traditions and cultures passed down by people over hundreds of years
Enjoy a rare experience in a tranquil setting

Washi making

Check Point

・Traditional crafts
・Souvenir sales
・Washi gift
・History study

Description】The Nishijima area is located about 30 minutes by car from Minobu-san.
It has been known as a production area of Japanese paper since olden times.
Shoji screens used in the inns and paper
for sutra chanting are still handed down in the area even after a long time.
【OtherWe can send the paper to your home by post.
Please be careful about the time if you are traveling by car.

Cultural experience

Check Point

・Selected by each Temple
・Historical study
・Traditional experience
・Shugyo experience

Temple Yoga

Check Point

・Unique experiences
・Morning activities

【MEAL】Local Specialties Cuisine

The restaurant offers creative vegetarian Japanese,
local specialties of Minobu Town

Vegetarian cuisine

Meal Itinerary【Location】
Dinner (Day1)KAKURINBO-Temple
Breakfast (Day2)KAKURINBO-Temple
Lunch (Day2)Agricultural Cafe Zencho


TimeVisiting PlaceWorking itemRemarks
14:00~14:30EbisuyaTour Description 
  movementtaking a taxi
15:00~16:30Yamaju PaperJapanese paper
making experience
  movementtaking a taxi
19:30KAKURINBOFestival ExperienceWhen it rains: Abort
21:00KAKURINBOfree time 

TimeVisiting PlaceWorking itemRemarks
SS: 5:30 a.m.
AW: 6:00 a.m.
Kuon TempleShugyo experiencefree participation
7:30~8:30KAKURINBOmorning yoga 
10:00~11:00KAKURINBOCultural ExperienceChoose one from the menu
when you register for the tour
movementPick up from Kakurinbo
 12:00~13:00agricultureCafe ZenchoLunch 


【Basic Package】
・Amount: ¥43,000 (tax included)/person
・Accommodation: Kakurinbo Temple
・Experience options for the second day: See the introduction in the Shukubou column.

・Additional English interpreter: ¥6,000/person (tax included)
*Interpreter will accompany you to the reception desk at Ebisuya and the Washi paper-making experience.

■Express Bus from Tokyo: Approx. 3 hours from Basta Shinjuku
■Rent-a-car from Kofu Station: Approx. 1.5 hours
*10 minutes by car from Minobu Interchange
■Bus or Taxi from JR Minobu Station: Approx. Approx.
10 minutes by bus or taxi from JR Minobu Station.
If you are coming by highway bus,
it is a 10-minute walk from the nearest bus stop.

【Meeting place at the beginning of the tour】
・ Ebisuya
3955 Minobu, Minobu-cho, Minamikyoma-gun, Yamanashi
*10-minute walk from the nearest bus stop for those coming by highway bus.

【Payment Method】
・Credit Card

【Reservations method】
We do not accept instant reservations. We will check the availability of each facility after your application and will contact you by e-mail to let you know whether the reservation is possible or not.

【The tour fee includes the following】
Cost of the experience as stated in the itinerary
*Insurance for each experience is included in the experience fee
・Dinner (Day 1)
・Breakfast (Day2)
・Lunch (Day2)
・Accommodation fee for Day1
・Taxi from Ebisuya to Yamanaka Paper (Washi paper making experience)

【The tour fee does not include the following items】
・Meals other than the above (drink menu, etc.)
・Overnight stay at facilities other than the designated ones and the designated date
・Transportation to the meeting place
・Transportation from the meeting place

Flow to Participation
Registration (from the button at the bottom of this page) ↓
After your application is completed,
we will contact you (via email) regarding the payment of the fee.↓
Payment (Please pay by the payment due date) ↓
After confirming the payment of the fee,
you will be notified of the completion of registration (by e-mail from us) ↓.
We will contact you (via email from us) by the application deadline
to let you know if the event will be held or canceled ↓.
Meet at the site on the day of the event

【Other Information】
・2~10 people

・April 2, 2022 (Saturday)~December 26, 2022 (Monday)

Minimum number of participants
・2 people

What to bring
・Change of clothes during your stay (yukata are available)
・Athletic clothes (for yoga)
・Warm clothes (for morning work)
・Identification card

There is no age limit for participants.
Please inform us if you are in poor health, have a disability, are pregnant, use an assistance dog or require any other special consideration.
The Company will comply with such requests to the extent possible.
Any costs incurred by the Company in taking special measures for the customer based on the customer’s request shall be borne by the customer.

Tour guide
・Not accompanied by a tour guide.
We will leave the activities in the area to the passengers themselves.

Other Notes
・We will provide a private room for each group of participants.
・There is no child charge for this tour.
・The price does not include the cost of transportation from your home to the destination and back and car rental at the destination.
・If you have any food allergies, please indicate them in the remarks column when you apply for the tour.
・If you wish to cancel the tour after payment, please contact Hyakusenrenma Co.
・The tour will be held even if it rains.
・Please contact us if you are going to be late for the tour.
・If you do not contact us, we may not be able to carry out the tour.
・Please note that we do not have English-speaking staff on-site or at the contact point.

Infectious disease control
We ask for the cooperation of all participants in preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections.

Cancellation Policy
・Cancellation before the tour start time (14:00 on the day of the tour): 100%
・Cancellation after the tour start time (14:00 on the day of the tour) or no-show: 100%
・Cancellation 20 days to 8 days before the tour: 20%
・Cancellation 7 days to 2 days before the tour start time: 30%
・Cancellation the day before the tour start time: 40%

About your inquiry
Please contact the Hyakusenrenma Co., Ltd. listed below for the tour itinerary, etc.
mail:support@stayjapan-tours.com(Attn: SHIMIZU)